PERSONAL | Why Tantus?


What makes Tantus worth the extra dollar?

  • High quality, ergonomically designed toys that actually work and last a lifetime. Every toy has a specific form and function.
  • ONLY body-safe materials.
  • 100% Non-Toxic Ultra Premium Silicone that won’t melt, deform, or degrade - and most importantly, won’t harm you.
  • Founded, owned, and run by an innovative spokesperson and creator of body-safe, sex positive products in the adult industry… who happens to be a woman.
  • A rockout-with-your-cock-out, jamout-with-your-clam-out attitude.
  • A die-hard belief that sexual wellness comes from education and personal exploration, and is required for a balanced, healthy life - no matter what form it takes.
  • An appreciation for diversity in every part of life. From gender and sexuality to color and texture, anything goes.
  • A commitment to green and ethical business practices.
  • Killer customer service.

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FACTOID | Anal Safety


Fact: Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate.

Truth: Not using lube during anal sex can cause fecal incontinence, or lack of control in your rectal muscles.
Side effects include the inability to tell when you have a bowel movement in your rectum pushing on your sphincter muscles. This often leads to accidents, which many times for a woman also leads to yeast and bacterial infections.

Be Smart. Lube Up for the Backdoor.
Learn more about the importance of Lube.



Finding reliable, honest information about sex and sexuality has never been easier and never been harder.
The number of really good resources has grown exponentially in the past few decades, alongside an astounding number of extraordinarily poor resources. The Internet offers us both the best and the worst. 

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FACTOID | Toxic Toys

Fact: A simple way to identify toxic toys is to smell them.
Low-quality plastics, silicone, and other materials will give off a chemical smell as the toys ‘degas’, breaking down even as they rest.

Truth: The smell is so common we’ve come to expect it - especially from the items we put inside our bodies and the stores that sell them.

Demand Better. Be Safe. Choose #Tantus: Learn Why

TOYBOX TUTORIAL | Tantus Sport & Sport Long

Find your perfect ride
Work Hard | Play Harder

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WHAT ABOUT PLUGS? | Tantus 2008

#Throwback tutorial video from Tantus discussing safe anal play and know-how on butt plugs.
Do you know your way through the backdoor? Look around!


Strap on spelled backwards is “no parts” and if you don’t think that’s funny you can get right outta town.

TOYBOX | Tantus Mark O2

The Tantus Dual-Density O2 line has a sturdy core covered in soft, squishable, realistic silicone ‘skin’. Whether you’re stressin or messin around, ain’t no squeeze like O2.

Grip it, rub it, love it. Tantus in the flesh. #MoreRealThanReal #GimmeMyMan

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