FACTOID | Toxic Toys II


Fact: ToxicTest II
After washing, smelling, and before putting a sex toy in your body, taste it with your tongue. If it makes your tongue numb or tastes nasty, there may be chemicals that don’t react well with your mucous membranes— DON’T USE IT.

Truth: There are hundreds of toxic toys on the market that will fail the test.

Be smart;
Use your senses to evaluate toxicity. Packaging can be misleading.

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FACTOID | Kink Etc.

Online Definition: Kinky (adj) ˈkiNGkē/
involving or given to unusual sexual behavior.
synonyms: perverse, abnormal, deviant, unconventional, unnatural, degenerate, depraved, perverted

Truth: Kinky is just a word. Culture defines how we feel about it.

There is no shame in sex, kink, or there-lack-of.
Take back your pride. Power to the Kink.

LUBE LOVE | Ride Bodyworx


When the going gets rough - the rough get lube.

Ride Bodyworx: Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, paraben and glycerin free.

Whatever you drive, make it your smoothest Ride yet.

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