FACTOID | Non-Toxic vs Clean


Fact: High quality silicone is completely inert and, when not in the bloodstream, completely body safe.

Tantus uses its own unique formula of 100% Ultra Premium Silicone so that your toy is both non-toxic (free of chemical colorants or other toxins, hypoallergenic, and phthalate free) and hygienic (non-porous, boilable, bleachable, dishwasher safe).

Truth: No matter how fabulous the material of the toy is, you still need to wash a toy before use.
Tantus toys are incredible pleasure provokers, but trust us - no toy packages itself!

Be smart. Good Clean Fun starts with common sense, clean toys, and good hygiene.
#BecauseWeWereAsked #PleaseBeSafe #BoilableForAReason



What’s the opposite of a size queen? I only like long, very skinny toys, like a deer phallus.


Well, not ONLY, but that’s where I gravitate strongly. I still enjoy delicious frontal wall stimulation on shorter toys, but super girthy things just aren’t my style at all.

Sovereign of Slim? Thin Mistress?

FACTOID | Vagina Variation


Fact: The average vagina is 3-4 inches long, but can expand by 200% when sexually aroused.

 Truth: Vaginas will vary daily in size and shape depending on arousal, menstruation, and PC fitness.

Toy and activity preferences may change depending on day-to-day vaj status, and warming-up can drastically increase flexibility and comfort.

Be kind to vaginas. Warm up, use lube, and don’t judge the love lips or pouch.

With Love and Dildos for every activity, size, and day of the month.

G SPOT TRAINING | Ducky DooLittle

Curious about the G Spot and vaginal anatomy? Want to see how our toys actually bring you pleasure? Let sexpert Ducky DooLittle tell you all about the G-Spot and how to press your own buttons.

"It’s like a mall map of your vagina." Because… we really all do need one of those.

*Remember: even with Ducky’s ‘map’, every vagina is different from shape and size to texture and color.
Get directions first; then use them to discover each landscape.*

TOYBOX | Tantus Throb

#DickEnvy: Meet the Tantus Throb.

A veined thrill, the Throb’s veins are so distinctive they may seem more fantasy than reality. Raised ridges create a fabulous sensation, though the shaft itself is a perfectly modest size at 1.4”.

Moderately sized, imaginatively designed. The perfect medium dildo for the texture lover. Now 25% off with code FIERCE.

FACTOID | Toxic Toys II


Fact: ToxicTest II
After washing, smelling, and before putting a sex toy in your body, taste it with your tongue. If it makes your tongue numb or tastes nasty, there may be chemicals that don’t react well with your mucous membranes— DON’T USE IT.

Truth: There are hundreds of toxic toys on the market that will fail the test.

Be smart;
Use your senses to evaluate toxicity. Packaging can be misleading.

Or just buy Tantus. #YourCall #SafetyFirst  Learn Why.